Autobiography Chiellini: “Balotelli negative person, Felipe Melo rotten apple”

TURIN – Entry with Giorgio Chiellini's feet on two of his former teammates.

During his autobiography , he made very negative comments on Mario Balotelli, his former teammate in the national team, and on Felipe Melo , who played with him in Juventus.

Chiellini called Balotelli "a negative person" while on the Brazilian he went down even heavier "he is a rotten apple". reported these passages from "Io, Giorgio", written with Maurizio Crosetti (Sperling & Kupfer, 272 p., € 18.90).

Balotelli is a negative person , without respect for the group – reads the book -.

In the Confederations Cup, in 2013, he didn't give us a hand in anything, something to be slapped.

One even worse was Felipe Melo: the worst of the worst.

There was always a fight with him.

I also told the managers: it's a rotten apple. "

After these decidedly strong statements, Chiellini was contacted by

The defender of the Italian National Football Team has not regretted what he wrote in his book.

“I confirm, but I have no grudge nor am I interested in having any, if I have to share something with them I will.

I'm not the best friend of all, but they are the only two who have gone beyond an acceptable limit.

As I am made, the problem is not if you play well, badly or if you sometimes have an evening, but if you lack respect and have nothing inside.

Once it's fine, if it's recurring, it's not. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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