Aurelio De Laurentiis positive for Covid. He is not asymptomatic and participated in the Lega Serie A assembly

Aurelio De Laurentiis is positive for Covid. The president of Napoli would not be asymptomatic (the Republic writes) and yesterday he attended the Lega Serie A assembly.

It is not yet clear whether Aurelio De Laurentiis was the only Covid positive club president who took part in the Lega Serie A assembly for TV rights.

As Il Napolista reports, it would not be the only positive of his family, given that the news of the positivity to the virus of another component has been spread.

The situation is monitored and kept under control especially because in recent months De Laurentiis was hit by severe pneumonia.

At the moment it is not certain if the 71-year-old president of Napoli was the only positive for the virus after the news that one of the leaders who yesterday attended the Lega Assembly was infected but everything suggests that he is the blue number one.

Only yesterday La Repubblica , reporting the news , underlined how the interested party, whose identity had not yet been revealed, would not have worn the mask at different times of the day despite having symptoms for days and was waiting for the results of the tampon arrived in the evening.

Despite this, the newspaper added, he showed up at the meeting in Milan and informed the other participants only at 8 pm.

The attack on Giuseppe Conte

Furthermore, at the end of the meeting, De Laurentiis had stopped to speak with the reporters present, attacking Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

"Naples market? You should ask Conte, but not the Inter coach, but that of the government “.

The reference is to the decisions taken by the Government to keep the stadiums closed to fans to contain the spread of Covid.

A decision, according to the Italian patron, which would have led to an evident drop in revenues.

According to Corriere dello Sport, during the meeting it seems that he also suggested the idea of ​​suing the government. (source IL NAPOLISTA, LA REPUBBLICA, Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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