Atletico, Simeone apologizes for exultation. Juventus Supporters: “To hang in the locker room”

Atletico, Simeone si scusa per esultanza. Tifosi Juventus: "Da appendere nello spogliatoio"

Atletico, Simeone apologizes for exultation. Juventus Supporters: "To hang in the locker room"

MADRID – One thing is hot reactions, another cold reflections. Cholo Simeone has decided to apologize for the gestaccio against Juventus after Gimenez's first goal. "Everyone knows that I'm not looking for excuses or excuses, I apologize once again with the people who felt clearly offended by that gesture against Juventus. It was a bad expression on what I felt for my players. With this I want to close the topic "

Atletico, the father reproaches Simeone for the exultation against Juventus

Cholo Simeone was also reprimanded by his father who was not recognized in the gestaccio son of the coach. "I did not teach him, I do not know where he got it from. He surprised me because I thought it was something of other times. However it is an accumulation of unique emotions and nothing more. I hope they do not sanction it. "

Allegri also returned to the gestures of the Atletico Madrid coach at the press conference to present the Juventus match against Bologna. "I did not even notice it. Everyone behaves as it is. "

On the social networks, Juventus fans have no intention of forgiving Simeone and advise the club to use its gestures to motivate the Juventus players towards the return match where they will need a real challenge to reach the Champions League quarter-finals. "The vulgar exultation of Simeone must be attacked in the locker room. We must not forget his gestaccio. Our players must remember it when they come on the pitch in return. They have to punish Atletico and pass the Champions League round. "

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