Athletics, Margarita Plavunova dead: sick while she was training, she was 25 years old

Margarita Plavunova morta atletica malore improvviso

Margarita Plavunova with her boyfriend in a photo uploaded to her official Instagram profile

TAMBLOV OBLAST – Serious mourning for Russian athletics . Margarita Plavunova, an athlete with a past as a model, died in Tamblov Oblast, in her native land, while she was training. The federation talks about cardio-circulatory arrest, the local media cite the probable cause of the heavy workload to chase the dream Tokyo 2020.

His death was also confirmed by his boyfriend's Instagram page, athlete Pasha Sedykh. Pravda reports that Plavunova was found dead on the side of a road in a village in the Morshansky district in western Russia.

According to Russian media reports, Plavunova died of acute heart failure. His death, according to Sports Express in Russia, took place on August 19th. According to the newspaper, it was an unexpected death because it was not known that Margarita Plavunova suffered from health problems.

Before embarking on a career as a professional athlete, Margarita Plavunova had marched many years as a model, becoming very popular on social networks, among her followers there were many well-known names in Russia, among them also the football star Alexander Kerzhakov. Plavunova said long ago in Kirov-Portal that his boyfriend was not jealous of his numerous admirers on social networks.

Margarita Plavunova was specialized in both speed and obstacles. He had started his career as an athlete winning 60 meters during the student championships. Then it was highlighted in international competitions on 100 and 400 meters. For some time he had been carrying out exhausting training sessions to achieve the necessary results to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Returning to the reconstruction of his death, Margarita Plavunova would have fallen into a meadow while training during a vacation in her region. It was found by some local residents who immediately called the ambulance but there was nothing to do.

The funeral took place today in Kotovsk. "About 200 people came to greet Margarita. Among them were relatives, friends, his instructors and technicians, "the Russian Federation said.

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