Athletics, Great Nnachi named “Bishop of the Republic” but can not compete with the blues: that’s why

TURIN – Great Nnachi is a young pole vault champion born 15 years ago in Turin from Nigerian parents.

A year ago, he jumped 3.80 and the whole world of athletics noticed his incredible skills.

Great Nnachi was born in our country, she attends school like all the other boys of her age and feels 100% Italian but cannot compete with our national team .

For our country, Nnachi is Nigerian.

All the fault of legislation that prevents her from becoming Italian until she turns 18.

So until the age of 18, all the successes he will get will be for Nigeria and not for Italy.

Despite this legislation, the President of the Republic Mattarella has decided to name her "Bishop of the Republic".

Great Nnachi named "Standard Bearer", below the reasons.

Ansa reported the names and reasons why the 25 boys were awarded.

  1. Yuliya Amosava, 17 years old – For her ability to transform painful personal experiences into a path of individual growth, solidarity and full integration.
  2. Alice Andreanelli, 18 years old – For her volunteer work – together with many other young people – in the rescue operations in Venice during the emergency caused by the high tide of last November.
  3. Virginia Barchiesi, 17 years old – For her commitment in defense of the rights of migrant children and young refugees.

    For researching and promoting a
    language that erases prejudices and helps inclusion.

  4. Pietro Bartoloni, 14 years old – For the constancy with which he followed his sick grandmother, transferring the knowledge acquired at school to her and becoming his "teacher".

    So the love of the nephew also became a cure
    profitable for the grandmother.

  5. Mavì Borrelli, 9 years old – For the solidarity shown to children and people with oncological disease, giving up her long hair to pack
    wigs and donate them to those who are made bald by therapies.

  6. Lorenzo Caprotti, 15 years old – For the courage shown in facing the difficult path of care and for the commitment in organizing the Winner Cup, a special football championship between European children with cancer.
  7. Diego Costi, 15 years old – For inventing an ice cream that, thanks to its ingredients and characteristics, can be eaten by those with Crohn's disease.
  8. Loris Esposito, 14 years old – For making a belt that helps blind people to orient themselves in movement thanks to an ultrasound sensor system.
  9. David Fabbri, 16 years old – For the commitment against bullying, for being able to transform the violence suffered in a creative effort, of denunciation and awareness.

    His short film on violence in the youth world won a school competition and has now also become a book.

  10. Sofia Ferrarese, 16 years old – For promoting knowledge of the mountains and respect for nature, for the passion and commitment with which she works to restore the mountain paths damaged by the Vaia storm in October 2018.
  11. Mirco Frattura, 15 years old – For the educational passion and the ability to get involved, organizing sports and workshops for the little ones and becoming a positive model for peers.
  12. Sebastiano Maria Indorato, 16 years old – For the dedication with which he undertakes to face the disabling family health difficulties, and in particular the care of his brother, for whom he has been able, among other things, to design precious changes to the medical device that makes its transportation possible.
  13. Maria Gabriella Lucarini, 11 years old – For the attachment shown in Camerino, the city in which she grew up and of which, after the earthquake, she became a witness of the will to rebuild.
  14. Tommaso Miglietta, 11 years old – For his qualities as a drummer and percussionist, cultivated from an early age, which led him to be an appreciated interpreter of popular music.
  15. Carlo Mischiatti, 16 years old – For his willpower and his sense of solidarity, which led him to overcome personal difficulties, to become a sportsman and therefore to dedicate himself as an instructor to the growth of other boys.
  16. Manuela Moscarelli, 16 years old – For the ability to react demonstrated in the face of difficulties and to have become an engine of initiative and solidarity in her social environment.
  17. Francesca Nardangeli, 18 years old – For the generous commitment in favor of her community, for the contribution to resilience after the 2016 and 2017 seismic events and for the construction of solidarity networks in favor of the most fragile people.
  18. Great Nnachi, 15 years old – For his qualities as an athlete, refined despite difficulties, and for the availability he shows in helping his companions and in collaborating in the training and training of the little ones.
  19. Maria Lucrezia Rallo, 17 years old – For the talent shown in writing and poetry, a talent that has managed to combine a commitment of active citizenship and concrete actions of volunteering and solidarity.
  20. Nicola Salis, 18 years old – For the commitment with which he promoted and organized integrated football training and competitions, activities in which they can play together, get to know each other and confront young people with different skill levels.
  21. Elena Salvatore, 9 years old – For having forcefully and effectively recalled, through a video, his city and the whole society to respect those who every day are called to overcome the obstacles posed by architectural barriers, and not infrequently from the neglect of rude fellow citizens.
  22. Matteo Scalinci, 14 years old – For the commitment of a volunteer, ready to listen and help the most fragile people.

    For the passion and competence with which he spreads the peers the culture of civil protection.

  23. Cosmas Joel Wallbrecher, 19 years old – For the path of memory that he promoted together with his family, involving other young people.

    For the active commitment to prevent and contrast forms of hatred, racism, anti-Semitism that can reproduce in society.

  24. Maria Zagaria, 15 years -For the commitment and tenacity with which she supported her project to build a library in Casal di Principe.

    Objective achieved thanks to a mobilization that involved the city and the world of culture.

  25. Pietro Zuccotti, 18 years old – For the talent and dedication offered to his community in order to promote the territory, to respect the environment, to increase the civic sense among young people (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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