Athletic, Simeone furious with the ball boy: he gave the ball quickly to Liverpool

Atletico, Simeone furioso con il raccattapalle: ha dato la palla velocemente al Liverpool

Simeone's now famous gesture after Atletico's victory against Juventus last year. Then on the return it was the bianconeri who passed the round

MADRID (SPAIN) – When Atletico Madrid plays at home, especially in cartel matches, everything is worth it. This is the regulation "imposed" by Cholo Simeone on each component of Atletico Madrid. From the fans, to the footballers up to even the ball boys.

During a match between Atletico Madrid and Malaga three years ago, Simone was disqualified for three days because he ordered a ball boy to throw a ball on the field to stop the opponents' counterattack.

Atletico Madrid-Liverpool, Simeone furious with the ball boy.

Against Liverpool, in the Champions League, the exact opposite happened and this has sent Simeone in a rage who claims to take care of everything during the matches of Atletico. Even the ball boys must be his "soldiers" and must "go to battle" following the orders of their leader (who in Simeone's imagination is him …).

So Cholo literally ate a ball boy who immediately returned the ball to Alexander Arnold to help beat Liverpool's corner. Fortunately for him, Klopp's team did not score or would not have left the stadium alive …

This "Cholismo", which is anything but fair play, was also stigmatized by Jurgen Klopp with a joke in a press conference: "What do I think of Simeone's attitudes? Well I think he followed the game a little since he did everything but watch it. Every time I turned to him, he was harming the audience … ".

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