Atalanta-Sassuolo, no fans inside the stadium but they are outside and singing choirs. Maybe the time has come to reopen …

BERGAMO – After the gatherings of the Napoli fans to celebrate the conquest of the Italian Cup against Juventus, here is Atalanta-Sassuolo and another fact that makes you think.

Atalanta fans were unable to enter the stadium because the match was held behind closed doors but they also went to the facility to cheer from outside.

Also in this case, maintaining the safety distance is a utopia. There is no social distancing on the sofa at home, where you can see the games with friends, just as there is no outside the stadium.

Many clues make a test, perhaps the time has come to reopen the stadiums (in safety, of course …). But it is still appropriate to avoid these grotesque situations.

During Atalanta-Sassuolo stadium choirs were heard with a certain clarity. The Sky Sport commentator had to specify that:

"This is not fiction, these are not sound effects created by us or by the Football League, they are the choirs sung by Atalanta fans who are outside the stadium."

Why is it possible outside the stadium and not inside? What's the difference? Virtually none.

The world of football makes history in itself. It is a sport of contact, color and warmth. Evidently the fans cannot control themselves, so perhaps it would be better to manage them from the inside instead of from the outside.

It is no coincidence that several experts have started to propose a model cinema stage with some insistence.

Italian cinemas reopened on June 15 allowing the viewing of shows with social distancing.

We can also give a trivial example, one seat occupied and four not. The important thing is to respect social distancing.

Better so that you pile up like the ones we saw in Naples. Better to reopen the stadiums than to have dozens or hundreds of fans piled up outside the sports facilities.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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