Atalanta-Lazio 1-0 highlights, Zapata VIDEO GOL decisive. Acerbi stopped by the VAR

Atalanta-Lazio 1-0 highlights, Duvan Zapata VIDEO GOL. Radu che errore

Duvan Zapata celebrates after the goal in Atalanta-Lazio

BERGAMO – Monday's postponement of the Italian Serie A football match. Atalanta-Lazio 1-0 , goal: Duvan Zapata 1 '.

Atalanta wins the second in a row, raising the race to Europe just one point from a wasteful Lazio that can no longer win. Bumping his head against the Var that in the end cancels the possible equal of Acerbi. The Capitoline team is fasting full loot in the league since 4 November (4-1 at Spal, two goals from Immobile, Cataldi and Parolo) and from 8 in the Europa League against Marseille (2-1, Parolo and Correa) ).

From there 4 even, the 2 cup defeats and the setback in the Monday Night. Home after a minute or so, when Radu makes the short diagonal cross Gosens left-handed ball giving Zapata turning from the ground shoves on the first post in front of the small area. Six rounds of scarce hand and the Colombian escapes to Wallace by releasing the grazing from the bottom on which this time the defender is remedied by anticipating everyone in the corner.

The Capitoline woke up at 12 ', when the recovery of Parolo triggers the filtering of Correa for Immobile that engages Berisha in the corner. At 18 'Acerbi closes Gosens and on the left corner of the Papu Palomino is to hit head in retreat: Strakosha crashes in the dive. The eleven of Simone Inzaghi raises the bar of possession without breaking through: at 24 'Milinkovic-Savic tries the round shot from outside raising his aim, at 37' Correa grabs a second ball throwing on the bottom Parolo bowl for the head of Property that surpasses the upright.

The siege in the final fraction produces more balls in the middle not exploited properly, with the goalkeeper of Bergamo attentive in raising above the crossbar Sergej's wary (42 ') caressed by the cross to return to Lulic. The incursion of Correa 2 'from the break (shortly before, to report the silent check negative for the elbow of Zapata, behind the header of Acerbi) blocked by Toloi on the ball placed in the middle by Marusic seems the spy of a rise in pace in the second half, but just starting Zapata touches the encore gazing just high the ball of Gosens.

At 4 'Strakosha wrong control and risking to give the ball to Ilicic, then Zapata inadvertently hits the face. Property if you find it between your feet at 7 '(Lulic and ping-pong in the area) and 11' (Correa), but before it lingers ciccandola and then shoot the stars. Gasperini enters Djimsiti for the painter Palomino, beyond Lukaku-Luis Alberto for Marusic-Badelj. Ilicic gives way to Pasalic immediately after having forced Sergej to take refuge in corner on his serpentine with right from the limit (22 '), 12' from the 90 'the last card to play for the biancocelesti is Caicedo for Wallace: 36' the newcomer on the Milinkovic side tries, the defense makes an embankment.

At 5 'the Gasp closes with Masiello for Gomez passing to 4 behind. Move that does not pay, because Luis Alberto guessed the last ball from the left and Acerbi lurking in front of the second post puts forward the defender just Viareggio, but the irregular position in trajectory of Sergej nullify everything with the Var that takes almost three minutes to to decide.

The highlights of the match

94 'Final whistle! Atalanta won against Lazio and took one less from the biancocelesti, in full struggle for a place in the Champions League.

92 'Goal canceled at Lazio (depth here)! Acerbi had a header but was offside. The Orsato referee established it with the help of the VAR. Acerbi was ahead of Masiello at the time of winning conclusion.

45 'End of half time. The Atalanta is ahead on Lazio thanks to the goal signed by Duvan Zapata at the beginning of the game.

1 'Atalanta ahead. Gosens's cross from the left, Radu's defective repulsion and Duvan Zapata's winning touch by two passes.

The report cards of the match

Atalanta beats Lazio 1-0 (1-0) Atalanta (3-4-1-2): Berisha 6.5; Toloi 6.5, Palomino 6 (12 'st Djimsiti 6), Mancini 6.5; Hateboer 6.5, de Roon 6.5, Freuler 6.5, Gosens 7; Gomez 6.5 (40 'st Masiello 6); Ilicic 6 (23 'st Pasalic 6), Zapata 7. (31 Rossi, 95 Gollini, 21 Chestnuts, 53 Ali Adnan, 4 Valzania, 22 Pessina, 24 Rigoni, 20 Tumminello, 99 Barrow). All .: Gasperini 7.

Lazio (3-5-2): Strakosha 6; Wallace 5 (33 'Caicedo 5.5), Acerbi 6, Radu 5; Marusic 5 (19 'st Lukaku 5.5), Parolo 6, Badelj 5 (19' st Luis Alberto 5), S. Milinkovic-Savic 5, Lulic 5.5; Correa 5.5, Building 5. (23 Warriors, 24 Proto, 3 Luiz Felipe, 15 Bastos, 22 Caceres, 4 Patric, 14 Durmisi, 32 Cataldi, 96 Murgia). All .: S. Inzaghi 5.

Referee: Orsato di Schio 7. Network: in the pt 1 'Zapata. Angles: 7-7. Recovery: 0 'and 7'. Ammonites: Parol for non-regulatory behavior, Zapata, Wallace, Lukaku and Djimsiti for foul play. Spectators: 17,401 including 1,790 paying (€ 34,227 collection) and 15,611 subscribers (€ 196,329.16).

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