Atalanta fans “swim” at Manchester VIDEO airport

Tifosi Atalanta nuotano Manchester video YouTube virale social

The gag for Atalanta fans at Manchester Airport (from YouTube)

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – The wait for the Champions League match between Pep Guardiola's Manchester City and Gian Piero Gasperini's Atalanta rises. Fans of the "Goddess", as soon as they landed in Manchester, were recognized with a rather funny gag. They threw themselves on the ground at the airport treadmill and started "swimming".

In the video you hear a background voice that says: "Up, up, you guys. You go to Manchester ". Of course the footage became viral within a few hours. For Atalanta this is a historic occasion. It is important to be there but it would be equally important to start bringing points home because in the first two days of the Champions League Atalanta suffered two defeats.

Gasperini's statements before City-Atalanta.
"Guardiola's compliments make me very proud given who they were made.
Guardiola made a gesture that had never happened to me with other colleagues: on the same day that I had been exempted from Inter, through Manuel Estiarte whom I have known since the times of Pescara, he invited me to stay a few days with them in Barcelona, ​​and me I will always remember it, and now I am happy to be here to play with them ".

This is how Gian Piero Gasperini, on the eve of Manchester City-Atalanta about the praise that the coach, Guardiola, from the England champion has given him. "We need to do something very nice in the Champions League – he says -, to increase our international level credibility. Of course it won't be easy because we meet one of the strongest teams in the world. But we all have the goal of doing the best possible result, then we can do it through different expressions. Of course the compliments are pleasing, but in the end what matters is the result ".

The video with the gag of the fans of Atalanta was published on YouTube by the channel "Fankurve – Ultras" (source: Ansa).

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