At Juventus it is not convenient to break with Cristiano Ronaldo, that’s why

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus rottura impossibile per motivi economici

Cristiano Ronaldo in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Juventus cannot afford the luxury of breaking with Cristiano Ronaldo because the Portuguese champion is not just a footballer but is a company and is the pivot of Andrea Agnelli's five-year plan with a view to 2024. In the Juventus managers' plan, there is a stay of Cr7 in Turin of at least three years (this is in progress, it is the second year in black and white).

Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus sold a million more shirts and acquired more bargaining power with the sponsors. All this is not a surprise but it is part of the expectations of the Juventus managers who have also bought it, if not above all, for these commercial aspects.

By purchasing it, Juventus made a huge investment for a player who had already passed the age of thirty. To bring it to Turin, Juve spent 100 million euros for the card, 12 million euros in commissions and 58 million euros in gross annual salary.

But Cristiano Ronaldo did not only involve expenses, he is also increasing the revenues of Juventus. As Marco Iaria writes for Gazzetta dello Sport, Juve has totaled 58 million extra revenues between stadium and commercial with one million shirts sold, followed by digital at +68 percent, fans worldwide grew by 38 million, compared to a annual cost of 87 million between salary and amortization.

La Gazzetta dello Sport continues its analysis by citing the new Adidas contract, which has gone from a fixed contract of € 23 million to € 51 million, while Jeep has guaranteed Juventus 25 million more (from 17 to 42 of base) waiting to define the new agreement .

In short, Ronaldo did not perform well with Sarri and his teammates, as he sent the coach to the world in the vision world and left the stadium before the end of Juventus Milan, but he cannot be treated and punished as if he were any footballer. Ronaldo is at the center of Juventus' technical and economic project and the Juventus club is forced to behave in this way.

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