Aston Villa – Sheffield United, Goal Line Technology does not work: the goal denied is sensational

BIRMINGHAM (ENGLAND) – The English Premier League has started again in the name of sensational oversights such as the one in Aston Villa – Sheffield United.

Goal Line Technology , which should be infallible, made a sensational mistake by not conceding a regular goal for the guests.

On the free kick kicked by Oliver James Norwood , the Aston Villa goalkeeper committed a duck by dragging the ball over the goal line .

The technology was introduced precisely for this reason, to help the referee see when the ball crossed the goal line.

But the hawk's eye did not see us right and did not report anything to the referee who made the action continue amid the general disbelief of the players on the field.

Those of Sheffield United, of course, had cheered because they had noticed the goal even without the help of Goal Line Technology.

There are so many arbitration episodes that are controversial and difficult to see but this was clear enough even with the naked eye.

Despite this, the referee did not feel like going against technology which by definition is infallible (or at least it should be…).

Goal Line Technology fails, that's what happened in Aston Villa-Sheffield United.

But what happened? How was all this possible?

This was explained by the company that supplies Goal Line Technology cameras to the Premier League.

An extraordinary event occurred, which is unmatched in the short history of this technology applied to football.

All seven Goal Line Technology cameras were covered by the particular disposition of the players on the field at the time of the free kick.

To signal a goal, it is sufficient that one of the seven is not covered. In this action all seven were disturbed by the positioning of the players on the field. An event that seemed impossible to date …

Goal Line Technology has failed for the first time in its history. The 1:28 minute test of this YouTube video.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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