Asprilla: “Narcos wanted to kill Chilavert to get revenge”

Asprilla narcos volevano uccidere Chilavert gli ho salvato la vita

Chilavert and Asprilla in a YouTube image

Asunción (PARAGUAY) – Few people know that in 1998 Tino Asprilla saved the life of José Luis Chilavert . But let's go with order. Paraguay and Colombia challenged each other in Asunción for a very delicate World Cup qualifying match in 1998. The hosts won two by one and towards the end of the game Asprilla and Chilavert were the protagonists of a sensational row in the middle of the field. The goalkeeper spat to Asprilla, the Colombian hit him in the face, the referee showed them both the red card. In the locker room, Chilavert went to look for Asprilla and punched him in the face.

Asprilla returned to the episode during an interview with Telepacífico. His words are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

"As soon as the meeting ends – Tino said – I receive a call and someone says to me: 'I am Julio Fierro, can you come here to my hotel?'. I arrived and that man was with ten other people, all drunk and accompanied by Paraguayan women. I went with Aristizábal and they said to us: "We need you to give the authorization because these two men will remain here in Asunción, they want to kill that fat Chilavert".

Julio Fierro was a Colombian drug dealer, one of Pablo Escobar's men. Asprilla in the interview says he replied: "Are you crazy? What happens in the field ends up in the field. It ends there. " Despite the dispute in the field, Asprilla had the lucidity necessary to save the life of rival Chilavert.

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