Asprilla and the good nights in Italy: “Once with 5-6 girls …”

PARMA – Show by Tino Asprilla during a live social network with ex Parma teammate Fabio Cannavaro.

The former Colombian national football team center forward did not mention the pitch but revealed some background on his behavior off the pitch.

Asprilla and Crippa were the kings of the Emilian nightlife, here is the story of the Colombian.

Crippa was the king of the night , he always took me to the parties he organized in every part of Italy.

I remember with pleasure the parties organized by Crippa in Modena, in Milan and in many other cities.

It was very persuasive, if I attended these parties the fault was his but then on the field I still made it big.

We stayed at these parties until five or six in the morning , once he said to me ' Come, there are six girls all for us …'.

When Scala was the coach of Parma, he always made us take walks in the morning as a cardio activity.

One of these mornings, I was so tired that I fell into the lake, everyone laughed …

With Malesani things have not gone better …

He said I was making a mess at the table and he always threatened me like this: 'I'll kick you out if you continue to behave in this way …' ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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