Ashley Cole. Attacked at home, tied to the chair and robbed: nightmare night for the former Romanist

LONDON (ENGLAND) – "Stay in the house". Former Roma footballer Ashley Cole obeyed this anti-coronavirus security standard but was mercilessly robbed.

With everyone at home, 24 hours a day, there are weeks of thin for thieves around the world so some of them have decided to rob houses despite the physical presence of the owners.

Of course it must be “worth it”, we are not talking about the home of ordinary mortals but about the villas of actors or sports champions.

The last unfortunate was Cole, the old glory of Chelsea and Arsenal with a past in Italy in the ranks of Rome.

After the American experience in the ranks of the Los Angeles Galaxy, the same company where Beckham and Ibrahimovic also played, Cole decided to return to England to devote himself to the leadership career.

Right now, Cole works for Chelsea's youth team and is a football commentator on television.

According to reports from the Sun, thieves specializing in thefts of VIP villas, would have studied his habits for a long time until he hit his home a few hours ago.

Cole lives in a luxury villa in Fetcham, a suburban village in Surrey a few kilometers from London.

The thieves would break into his home from the back door, attack Cole, tie him to the chair, and take away a stolen item of high economic value.

Fortunately, Cole has not remedied serious damage from the physical point of view but is strongly troubled from the psychological point of view.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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