Arturo Diaconale underwent emergency after Lazio, apprehensive Lazio

ROME – Lazio is apprehensive about the health conditions of its spokesman Arturo Diaconale .

According to what reported by, Diaconale felt bad on May 1st, while he was in the company of his family.

The biancoceleste spokesman was rushed to the hospital and after the investigations he underwent a delicate surgery .

Lazio did not issue press releases on the health conditions of Diaconale but made it known that it was not coronavirus .

In recent weeks, Diaconale has been on the crest of the wave for his battle for the resumption of the championship.

Diaconale fought body and soul for Lazio, every day he released statements on the radio or on his official Facebook page.

Battle that has been successful given that from tomorrow Lazio will have the opportunity to return to training in its sports center , in compliance with the safety rules set to combat the coronavirus.

Diaconale has pointed the finger at Juventus and against Cristiano Ronaldo .

The biancoceleste spokesman accused the black and white club for allowing its members to return abroad, then pointed the finger at Cr7 for his training with the Nacional in Madeira.

Diaconal found it unfair that Ronaldo could train while his Lazio was forced to stay home .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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