Arsenal triumphs in FA CUP over Chelsea, a bad injury for Pedro: he went out on a stretcher with the help of a respirator

Arsenal triumphed in FA CUP thanks to 2-1 trimmed at Chelsea. In the final bad injury for Pedro who was forced to go out on a stretcher with the help of a respirator.

Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 in the final, winning the Fa Cup. The success came thanks to a brace by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang , who overturned the advantage signed by Christian Pulisic after 6 'of play.

The Gabonese center forward scored the 28 'of the first half, for the 1-1 partial, and the 22' of the second half, fixing the score.

In the final bad shoulder injury for Pedro, Chelsea player with a probable future for Roma, who came out on a stretcher with the help of a respirator ( here the photo ).

It is the first success of the Spaniard Mikel Arteta since – at the end of December last year – he sat on the bench of the 'Gunners'.

A real satisfaction for the now ex-assistant of Pep Guardiola.

It was the first FA Cup final, after 139 editions, to take place without the presence of the public on the stands of the Wembley stadium in London. A sign of the times.

Thanks to this triumph, Arsenal has redeemed a bad Premier League closed in eighth position.

For Chelsea, however, it is a defeat that does not hurt because the Blues have finished fourth in the standings and will participate in the next edition of the Champions League (article source, ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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