Arrigo Sacchi: “In football, Italians are always clever. How … Mussolini “

Arrigo Sacchi: "In football, Italians are always clever. Like it was ... Mussolini"

Arrigo Sacchi: "In football, Italians are always clever. As it was … Mussolini "

ROME – Interviewed by the "Giornale", Arrigo Sacchi talks about football to talk about football … Benito Mussolini.

"In Italy – says the ex-CT of the national team starting his reasoning on the nature of us Italians – football is exactly the mirror of the life and history of our country. I have struggled to make my teams run because it is from the Roman times that we run backwards. The only time we won a war is because we played on the counterattack. There I lost two uncles, one was 19, the other 22: they sent them to the fray. World War II? Same thing, always the idea of ​​being smarter than others, of being able to take advantage of the situation. Mussolini knew very well that we were not ready to fight a war, the generals had informed him ".

Sacchi then spends a few words also for Silvio Berlusconi. "Berlusconi – Sacchi still tells in the long interview with the" Giornale "- has a natural size and I owe him a lot, especially the fact that he always believed in me when I was all against." Before the World Cup, which had just become prime minister, Berlusconi invited him to Palazzo Chigi: "He said to me: If he wins this, I will be Minister of Sport. I answered him: But the Ministry of Sport does not even exist. And he: Well we create it. I told him: Doctor if my business is difficult, it's impossible. Because the Italian has the sense of the nation but not the sense of the State ".

"If I regret having resigned from the national team? No – Sacchi replies – this is not true. The experiences are all important and this has been a great but difficult experience. Training a national team is not like coaching a club, you don't work every day with your players: the feeling was that of a eunuch in a harem of beautiful women ".

Source: Il Giornale.

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