Armani: “Arnault (Louis Vuitton) wants Milan”. But denials come

Armani: "Arnault (Louis Vuitton) vuole il Milan". Ma arrivano le smentite

Armani pictured Ansa

MILAN – La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote that the stylist Armani would have revealed the interest of Bernard Arnault, richest man in Europe and owner of Louis Vuitton with a 76 billion dollar estate for Milan. But not even the time to write it that several denials have come.

Arnault's spokesman denied the news to the Gazzetta dello Sport: “I can deny for the umpteenth time any interest of LVMH and its president Bernard Arnault, even personally. We never thought of Milan. "

Another denial, this time by Arnault's son, was reported by "We have great respect for your beautiful club, but we have never been in contact with anyone in the club and we have never had interest in investing or buying it ".

Not only the rumors about Arnault, Milan collects the accusations of Han Li, Yonghong Li's right arm: "It was a nightmare".

David Han Li, the right-hand man of Yonghong Li, the mysterious Chinese businessman who bought Milan from Silvio Berlusconi in April 2017, defines the experience in the AC Milan club as "a nightmare". Its declarations are reported by the Ansa. “We had to spend on average – explains Li in Forbes – 10 million euros per month, but the club's original capital requirements were much lower. I woke up and the nightmare was real, it wasn't a dream. "

Li, in his reconstruction, indicates in the strong powers, in the media and in the Elliott fund – which in July 2018 took over the club for the non-payment of debts – the reason why the Chinese have lost control of the club: "The Chinese government has banned bringing capital abroad.

The heavy attacks on us by the media did not help: an article in the New York Times was harmful and the Italian media started attacking on the exact morning when we started the debt refinancing process in London.

I asked one of Elliott's managers directly if they had been responsible for carrying out those media attacks and if they wanted the club on their own. Obviously, he denied it. We had heard of Elliott's reputation but you never know if relationships are real until you really know someone. Now we don't trust anyone "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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