Argentina, a killer entry triggers a manhunt on the field

El Jaguel-Sat, rissa vergognosa in Argentina: video YouTube

The Union de El Jaguel footballer fell to the ground after a killer entry of an opposing player (from YouTube)

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – The finals of the Liga de Lujàn in Argentina ended in the worst way. On the result of 4 to 1 for the Union de El Jaguel, an opposing player, of the SAT, became the protagonist of a killer entry on a player of the team that led the final. After the entry of the SAT football player with a straight leg, that of the Union de El Jaguel fell and started to contort with pain.

This ugly foul did not cause serious physical damage to the player who suffered it but also sparked a big brawl on the field. The players of the Union de El Jaguel started to attack their opponents in an attempt to take justice to themselves after the ugly entry on their teammate.

The referee failed to appease the rage of the Union de El Jaguel players and for several minutes the fans present at the stadium witnessed a shameful brawl as can be seen in the following video posted on YouTube.

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