Arat Hosseini, the overthrow of the baby phenomenon that enchanted Messi VIDEO

TEHERAN (IRAN) – The new Messi comes from Iran. Arat Hosseini is only six years old but is already a star of social networks .

His fans compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo because he already has his abs sculpted but his idol is Messi .

As said, Hosseini is only six years old but has started training hard since he was four.

He carries out two training sessions every day: in the first he trains his muscles , in the second he dedicates himself to exercises with the ball .

His latest video, where he makes a Champions League reversal with the Barcelona shirt, has also bewitched his idol, Lionel Messi .

The champion of Barcelona has not only limited himself to "like" him , he has also left a comment under his post on Instagram:

"Congratulations, you are really good!".

Arat Hosseini's family wishes him a career as a professional footballer for his son.

The baby phenomenon of Iranian football is a perfectionist like Cristiano Ronaldo, in the sense that he does not miss even a day of training, but has shots very similar to those that Messi shows on the field.

Here is the video from YouTube with the magic of the Iranian football phenomenon. The title of this video could be " Dreaming of Messi … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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