Antonio Cassano: “Without football I would have become a delicatessen seller”

GENOA – What would Antonio Cassano have done if he hadn't become a footballer?

He revealed it himself during an interview with Sky Sport.

“If I hadn't become a footballer, I would have become a delicatessen seller.

It's a job I've always liked, probably I would have started working under the boss, maybe in a supermarket but in the long run I would have opened a shop.

I was born in Bari Vecchia, in a difficult situation but I promised my mother that I would not get lost on the street …

So even if I hadn't become a professional footballer, I would still have done an honest job. "

Then Cassano recalled his experience with the glorious Real Madrid shirt.

"It is the mirror of my career, it could have been better

I had a huge talent, unfortunately I wasted it, I didn't know how to best value my qualities.

When I got to Real Madrid I was out of shape.

Do you think that during the summer preparation I lost 16 kg.

I started quite well since I scored two goals in the first three games but then Capello didn't put me in anymore and I gave up.

I owe everything to Capello, I didn't give him anything compared to everything he gave me. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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