Antonio Cassano sentenced to pay a 263 thousand euro tax file escaped from the time of Rome

Antonio Cassano condannato a pagare una cartella fiscale da 263mila euro evasa dei tempi della Roma

Antonio Cassano (Ansa)

ROME – It must return 263 thousand euros to the tax authorities. Against the Agenzia delle Entrate there is no game in the Cassation for the former bomber of Bari Vecchia Antonio Cassano, 'hot head' of Italian football, prodigal of 'cassanate' even with the shirt of the galacticos of Real Madrid, despite the punch of iron of Mr. Fabio Capello. He did not get away with the supreme judges, not even with the help of the 'Palazzaccio' public prosecutor who launched him an unexpected assist supporting the extreme attempt of his defender, lawyer Pietro Litta, to see the warning definitively torn of assessment.

But nothing to do. And it may not be the last one. 'Fantantonio' ​​must resign himself to paying the tax collection note that had been sent to him because he had not paid the taxes on 263 thousand euros of fringe benefits received, it is not known when, from Rome. Team in which he played for four full seasons before leaving in 2006, at the beginning of his fifth championship in yellow and red, responding to the irresistible call of the merengues.

In the notice of assessment, writes the Supreme Court which does not disclose the entity, "the recovery of taxation against the player Cassano Antonio was ordered, for the sum of € 263,393, by way of 'fringe benefits' enjoyed by the same, as an employee of the 'ASRoma' ". By opposing the disbursement, Cassano had appealed to the Bari Tax Commission which had given him reason.

The same thing also happened on appeal, where the Revenue Agency dragged the former bomber in 2012 to be told also by the second-degree tax magistrates that "there were the legitimate grounds for exemption from sanctions" because on these ' fringe benefit 'there are "conditions of uncertainty", it is not well known what fish it is, and it is difficult to "identify the tax requirement", better to leave everything like this.

Without a blink of an eye, the Tax Commission of Puglia, despite the fact that Cassano himself had not contested that the 263 thousand euros were taxable – as "paid to him by the sports club to which he was tied by an employment relationship, for professional services rendered to him by his agent "-, he decides that no, that money is not clear how to consider it or what" provisions "to apply. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, but without giving up, the Revenue Agency resorts to the Court of Cassation.

He asks the 'stoats' if it is ever possible that in the face of unpaid taxes on "components of employee income" – the preferred terrain of fiscal drainage – one can "recognize the elements of objective uncertainty legitimizing the exemption from administrative sanctions" . There is "no uncertainty of interpretation", replied the Cassation, reassuring the "operating arm" of the tax authorities, but as "relevant doubts regarding the identification of the tax requirement", the Apulian Commission "erred", ran away from him a 'cassanata'. (source Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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