Antitrust starts proceedings against 9 Serie A companies for season tickets and tickets

Juventus, Ansa

The Juventus stadium (photo Ansa)

ROME – Inter, Milan, Rome, Lazio, Juventus, Cagliari, Genoa, Udinese, Atalanta are the nine Serie A companies targeted by the Antitrust Authority which has initiated investigative proceedings for "vexatious clauses in the contracts for the purchase of season tickets and tickets for games. "

These are, the Antitrust Authority informs, of clauses that would not recognize the right to obtain a refund of all or part of the season ticket or single ticket, in the event of the closure of the Stadium, postponement of the match and to obtain compensation for the fact of the society.

The ongoing investigation activity follows – as stated in a note from the Antitrust Authority – to the failure to accept the invitation addressed by the Authority to the nine companies on May 8, 2019, through a communication of moral suasion with which the clubs to take initiatives to remove the evidence just mentioned.

Only the companies Bologna Football Club 1909 SpA and Parma Calcio 1913 Srl responded positively to these requests.

The latter – the Antitrust underlines – have “effectively modified their general contract conditions, with the removal of the possible vexatiousness profiles found therein in the respective moral suasion letters. For these last two companies, the respective procedures have been closed. Returning to the Antitrust procedure initiated towards the 9 Serie A companies entered in the Antitrust target, they will assess the harassment of some clauses contained in the general contract conditions relating to the purchase of the annual season ticket and the ticket for the single game.

Clauses that “would not recognize the right of consumers to obtain a refund of part of the season ticket or single access ticket in the event of closure of the Stadium or part of it; they would not recognize the right of the consumer to obtain reimbursement of the admission ticket for the individual tender in the event of postponement of the event, both for facts attributable to the company and when this circumstance leaves the latter's liability; nor would they finally recognize the right of the consumer to obtain compensation for the damage if such events are directly attributable to the company ". The Antitrust Authority will verify whether these clauses "excluding or limiting the liability of football clubs", and therefore introducing "a significant consumer imbalance in contractual services" are effectively "vexatious" clauses.

Source: Ansa.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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