Anna Falchi, another photo on Instagram for Lazio: nothing under the scarf …

Anna Falchi, altra foto su Instagram per la Lazio: sotto la sciarpa niente...

Anna Falchi celebrates Lazio's victory against Sampdoria with this Instagram photo

ROME – The Instagram photo of Anna Falchi after the victories of Lazio has become a pleasant habit for the Biancocelesti fans. By now the Falchi is in word with the biancoceleste people and it never refrains from publishing it. They are all the same, she without veils with the scarf covering her very generous "side A". Close to these photos, he always publishes phrases like: "Fly, come on Lazio!". Like any habit, it never tires.

Lazio fans are delighted to see her without veils and would like more and more … Many try to tear her a promise: "You have to take off your clothes on the green lawn of the Olympic Stadium in case of a championship …". Falchi did a similar thing in 2000, when Lazio won their second and final championship. Now, almost twenty years later, he could replicate this show …

Also because Anna Falchi, at 47, still has a sculpted physique that has nothing to envy to that of twenty-year-olds. Among his followers, there are many fans of Lazio but also of other teams because some of these admire her as an actress and showgirl.

But even if his posts are joyful for the victory of his favorite team, many fans of other teams appreciate them anyway for his Juno beauty.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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