Angellot Caro, an impossible goal for a 5-a-side football under the eyes of Totti and Falcao

Angellot Caro, gol impossibile a calcio a 5 sotto gli occhi di Totti e Falcao

Angellot Caro, impossible goal for 5-a-side football under the eyes of Totti and Falcao (from YouTube)

MADINAT AL-KUWAIT – Football show in Kuwait. Many stars of football and world football are giving away magic during the international futsal tournament that is taking place in Kuwait. Italy is well represented by the inspiration of Francesco Totti ( here the video with his goal that has enchanted everyone present). But in the last hours, it is the Colombian Angellot Caro who has stolen the scene from everyone with a genius who is very popular on social networks and on YouTube.

Show in Kuwait with the plays of Angellot Caro, Francesco Totti and Falcao.

During a game valid for the international 5-a-side football tournament in Kuwait, Angellot Caro managed to score despite being trapped by four opponents. The Colombian footballer seemed to be closed by his opponents who, as in the soccer manual, had taken him to the outside out to make sure he lost the ball or dragged him out. But the Colombian playmaker kicked before it was too late inventing a magic lob that left no chance for the goalkeeper. A network to see and review. The Colombian also deserved the embrace of the king of futsal Falcao.

The YouTube video with Angellot Caro's magical goal. The Colombian player managed, at least for a moment, to steal the show from Francesco Totti, Falcao and all the other champions involved in the international tournament in Kuwait.

The Angellot Caro article , an impossible goal for 5-a-side football under the eyes of Totti and Falcao seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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