Angela Nasti, quarantined at Bonifazi’s house? Tick ​​social clue

RIETI – Angela Nasti , former tronista of Men and Women, would be passing the quarantine from coronavirus to Rieti, in the company of the footballer Kevin Bonifazi.

Some gossip magazines had spoken of a break between the two, which would have led Nasti to leave Ferrara to return to Naples, but apparently the calm has returned.

This gossip news is reported by veryinutilpeople .it.

According to the website specializing in gossip, in a Nasti selfie you see a wall that would be that of the Bonifazi family home.

Nasti has not yet commented on this gossip news, in her latest live talk she talked about other things.

"Hi everybody, how are you? I haven't been very active on social …

in the morning I go to the office for online shipments for our brand, so I help dad and all the other workers.

So the morning passes quickly.

Then in my days the training never fails.

I also care a lot about feeding even if I am not following it very much during this quarantine.

Regarding the workouts, I still support three a week because we must never stop, even in quarantine.

My personal tells me what workouts I have to do, he is very good, he also does workouts for people who are at home.

I really want to make up some time with you so I will open a section where I answer your social questions.

I'm buying a lot of things online on Amazon …

too nice things, in the evening I really want to buy …

there are many pigtails at a gifted price. Velvet pigtails, too too cute.

Then I bought a bow with the bow that I like very much. I bought clothespins of every color, I'm crazy about it … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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