Andrea Monti, Gazzetta editor, against Luciano Spalletti: he attacked a journalist from the “Rosea”

Andrea Monti, direttore Gazzetta, contro Luciano Spalletti: ha attaccato un giornalista della "Rosea"

Andrea Monti, Gazzetta editor, against Luciano Spalletti: he attacked a journalist from the "Rosea"

MILAN – Andrea Monti, editor of Gazzetta dello Sport, wrote an editorial against Luciano Spalletti after the Inter coach publicly attacked a journalist from the "Rosea". The Tuscan coach often argues with journalists and Sky Sport columnists in the post game. Yesterday he went around the web for a fight with Giancarlo Marocchi after Genoa-Inter 0-4.

Andrea Monti, the editorial of the Gazzetta dello Sport director on Spalletti.

Below, the editorial of the Gazzetta dello Sport director Andrea Monti on Luciano Spalletti.

"Luciano Spalletti has a special talent, and a recidivist, to get himself into trouble with words. Whether he is right or wrong, his oratory D'Annunzio, hyperbolic, tinged with hatred, almost always obscure, tends to turn every press conference into a call worthy of the Vate, to which if you notice a little it looks like an appeal to imaginary legions against power and the enemies that surround it, who plot in the dark and want its ruin. It happened in Rome years ago, it returns to Milan.

Yesterday, in front of a large audience of journalists, ours performed a frontal attack on a mysterious (so to speak) «Stoppa», or «la stoppa», and on the newspaper on which he writes, accusing them of doing bad information per party taken with the sole purpose of damaging the Inter and whoever trains it. You do not need to be malicious to recognize in the reprobate «Stoppa» our excellent colleague Stoppini, guilty of having told the Journal about the discomfort of the club towards the technician for the last television sortie on the Icardi case.

Evidently a reconstruction that was not at all false, if it is true that Spalletti had to perform a U-turn by withdrawing his license, summoning the holder Icardi, specifying that, with his shirt on, "is worth more than Messi and Ronaldo together" and praising the media arts ("determinants", therefore not "humiliating") by Beppe Marotta.

It remains only to understand why, and with what editorial gains, the Gazzetta dello Sport should have it with him or with Inter, a team for which many of its readers are cheering. But in Luciano's magical world there is everything. Including the risk that D 'Annunzio will leave his place to the accountant Fantozzi on the day on which the Nerazzurri visit Genoa, his city. "Shoulder", who did the stake? "

The article Andrea Monti, Journal editor, against Luciano Spalletti: attacked a journalist of the "Rosea" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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