Anderson Diaz scores goals at Maradona, finalization with the sole is memorable VIDEO

Anderson Diaz, gol Maradona-Totti: video YouTube

Anderson Diaz scores goals after a series of incredible dribbles (from YouTube)

SANTANDER – Anderson Diaz scored one of the best goals in the history of Colombian football. During Santander-Norte de Santander, the strongest player on the visiting team dribbled seven opponents in dribbling, dismissed the goalkeeper, and scored in an empty net. His goal was compared to that scored by Diego Armando Maradona during a memorable Argentina-England World Cup.

Anderson Diaz scored this goal during a game valid for the Campeonato nacional sub 21 Colombian. His net brought the Norte de Santander on the result of two to one but in the end the hosts will win with the score of three to two. In short, his network was beautiful but unfortunately he didn't bring points to his club team.

The goal scored by Anderson Diaz has not only been compared to the one scored by Diego Armando Maradona in Argentina-England of the World Cup but also to that signed by Francesco Totti in Roma-Torino of Serie A.

The goal of the Norte de Santander footballer was compared to that of Francesco Totti for the final touch that put the defending opponent out of action. Anderson Diaz, like Francesco Totti during Roma-Torino, seated the opponent with a touch of genial soles. After this feat, Anderson Diaz, just like Francesco Totti, scored with the door practically empty. A truly incredible resemblance. In short, his goal is a mix between that of Maradona and that of Totti, not bad …

The video from YouTube with the goal from the film archive marked by Anderson Diaz. The host club's leading man missed seven opponents before scoring. The last touch, with the sole, recalled the magic of Francesco Totti during a Serie A Rome-Turin match.

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