Ancelotti: “Naples for life. A c * born in Italy. Just racist choirs … “

Ancelotti: "Napoli a vita. Un c*lo nascere in Italia. Basta cori razzisti..."

Ancelotti: "Naples for life. A c * born in Italy. Just racist choirs … "

NAPLES – Carlo Ancelotti told a long interview given to Walter Veltroni for La Gazzetta dello Sport . Here are the most interesting steps.

The first thing that tells the team when it arrives in a new company?

"I tell you what I did the first time I came here. I spoke with the company, I tried to understand their projects. I already knew the team and I liked it. Then, slowly, I started the process without upsetting what they already did very well with Sarri. Napoli is a team that has knowledge, for three years has done a determined and rigorous work and this baggage is very well recognized in terms of tactical wisdom: the boys are very good. Then, slowly, let's try to change the game system together.

Naturally with the sharing of the players. I never do a thing if the players are not convinced to do it. Sacchi told me that there are two ways to convince people: by persuasion or by percussion. I prefer persuasion. But maybe the other system is also effective ». Do you think it is conceivable, for example here in Naples, an idea of ​​the manager who stays for several years as is for example in English football?

"I'd like it very much. Perhaps here are the characteristics suitable for a similar project ».

What has Naples like it? To someone like her who comes from the Bassa?

"Strange, eh?"

But interesting


"I like many things in Naples. Obviously the landscape and the light. The Gulf of Naples, with Capri in front. Vesuvius: you wake up in the morning and you have this exciting photograph in front of you. Then who has Naples? People are very helpful. The Neapolitan does not take himself too seriously. It is cheerful, helpful, open people. I also like the passion behind this team. Passion and respect. Everyone thinks that Naples is always a great, exuberant, uproar. I like to go to the city, I go down the street, in restaurants and nobody has ever bothered me, they are very respectful. Maybe because they see me a little old. "

And instead of its fog is it nostalgic? Do you feel it in your roots?

"Yes, I am from the north but I feel good in the south. The fog is the memories of my childhood that remain indelible. I'm so for how I grew up. "

Bernardo Bertolucci was the son of that part of Italy


"He made a fabulous film that tells the fatigue and the history of my land:" Novecento "».

What is that land poetic?

"I do not know poetic. At the end of summer there are mosquitoes and winter fog, even if it is now a bit gone ".

But there is that peasant civilization whose imprint is still felt.

"That way of life is still very rooted and is a child of the agricultural tradition. Mutual help. My dad, when he had to pick grapes, could count on the help of all the other neighbors. And when the others gathered, my father helped them. There was a solidarity of life, a mutual and constant help. Even now my sister, to make cappelletti, meets in congregations. Four, five cooks are found and make kilos and kilos of cappelletti. This remained still. A cooperative of living. Have the cooperatives been born there or not? "


What do you think at the moment is the main fault of Italy?

"The main defect of Italy is the civic sense. We are impoverishing an immense wealth of beauty and history. Once I listened to Farinetti saying "We had the ass of being born in Italy". I think so too, but this fortune must be defended with firmness, intelligence, love ".

Speaking of civic sense, you said that if the slogans against Naples continue in the stadiums, which are then racist screams, she will ask that the game stop.

"I do not want to speak only about Naples, obviously. I want to talk about the Italian stadiums and the fight against all intolerance. One thing is the funny choirs and banners, other the manifestations of hate and the demonization of cities, skin colors, ethnic or religious affiliations.


It's a malpractice that must end. I believe that the president of the Federation is sensitive to this, the arbitrators are sensitive, there are rules that the competent bodies must enforce. If there are those choirs, procedures must be implemented: the signal from the captain to the referee, the announcement with the speakers and, if nothing is needed, the suspension of the match. We need to make it clear that we are serious, that we do not pretend to be deaf. "

Of the insults that Koulibaly regularly takes in all the stadiums, what do you think?

«It's the same, they have to stop the matches».

Koulibaly once told me «I am Neapolitan». Do you feel a little like that too?

"Yup. I like the atmosphere that is lived here, the environment. Naples welcomes, does not reject ".

Where can this Naples get this year?


"We do not know, I think this team has so much potential and showed it in the Champions League, which was very difficult. We have grown a lot in personality, conviction, because these games help to grow. We are a team that can not play at a low pace. To succeed we must always work at a high pace ".

Napoli has the best midfield in Italy. Is that it?

"I am sure. Allan, Fabiàn Ruiz, Hamsik, Diawara, Zielinski, Ounas. Six high-level midfielders. In completeness we are very competitive ».


Do not you miss a sturdy attacker?

"Depends on how you want to play. We do not take much advantage of the crosses so we try to use the vertical game more and I have to say that the combination, until now, has worked: we are the second best attack of Italy after Juve, two goals difference ».

Is Koulibaly the best defender in the world right now?

"He's one of the best. With Sergio Ramos, Varane. And with those of Juventus who are very strong, more than as individuality, as a couple ».

Juve is unreachable this year?

«No, Juve is very strong, very continuous, but unreachable no. In my soccer experience I have not yet found unbeatable teams. Of course, to keep up with Juve, you have to work miracles ».


The defeat in Perugia with Juventus in 2000 what was it for you, professionally and humanly?

"A hard blow. Above all because it could be the first victory and instead from there began the label of eternal second ».

What then she soon did to deny, she won everything everywhere

«Juventus could give me this chance and instead of being able to win, I showed it against Juventus in Manchester. You, indeed you, why are you Juventus? "

Sivori and Charles. As a child, in the first game I saw there they were, and I lost my mind.

"I became an Interista because my cousin, who had gone to work in Milan from the village, had brought me the Inter shirt when I was six."

When we were kids, Inter was a squadron.

«The first time I saw Inter was in 1970, they came to play in Mantova and my dad took me but we did not find the ticket. He told me "Let's go home" and I "But let's get home! We are here ". I put myself in front of a stadium door and began to cry. I was eleven and at the end of the first half a caretaker told me "If you stop I'll let you in". In that match Inter won 6 to 1.

First half 0 to 0. I saw all the goals. My dad was waiting for me outside. "

Was the trainer you learned the most from Liedholm?


«Sacchi has innovated not only the game, bringing the pressing, but above all the organization, the methodology of the work».

But I can not imagine two different people. Sacchi is a bundle of nerves and you instead transmit serenity, something between Buddhism and the sunflowers of the Bassa. Sacchi at a certain point has stopped, did not hold the stress …

"What do you think is stress?" I believe the media pressure on you. Do you suffer a lot?

"Stress, if managed, is a resource. There is the game I feel the most and the one I feel the least. What I feel the most is the game that certainly gives me more stress, but it is also the game that makes me think more. Stress must be there. It must be managed and controlled. A coach must also have the ability to detach, to think of something else.


You can not spend twenty-four hours of your time playing the game, you have to take your time. I'll take it. I'm here eight, ten hours because I like it, but when I go home it's not like I'm mulling over tactics. If there's a good match, I'll look at it. It gives me pleasure, it does not stress me. How to watch a movie ".

Where you went you left a good sign. In addition to many victories.

«The only bitter experience was Bayern. It was a clash of philosophies. The company did not intend to change the structure, their working philosophy and to promote a generational change of players, which they are now doing ».

In a distant future, do you imagine the national coach?

"Not today. I had the chance months ago, I also spoke with the FIGC. But I told them I wanted to coach a club team. I like being here every day. I do not like training three times a month. "

Remember your first match at the Olimpico?


"It was '79. Liedholm, just arrived, makes me play. After a minute Bruno Conti goes to the cross from the left, puts the ball on the far post, I am inside the area, Pruzzo crushes it. Albertosi para and puts it there, a meter away from me. I said to myself "Now I make a goal". It was a minute I played. I thought, lucidly: "I go under the curve, I take off my shirt and throw myself on the ground". Shot on goal and Albertosi, in pulling himself up, took her head and threw her out. That match ended 0 to 0. A shame. "

Remember an episode of Liedholm?

"Once we were in retreat in Brunico and a fan in the morning, with the attitude of the informer, spiffera indignant at the coach that there had been players at the bar until one o'clock. He looks at him and says: "Strange, I told everyone to come back at two o'clock!" ».

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