“Ancelotti is a package”, the mystery of the words of Lorenzo Insigne’s father

"Ancelotti is a package", the mystery on the words of Lorenzo Insigne's father (photo Ansa)

"Ancelotti is a package", the mystery of the words of Lorenzo Insigne's father (photo Ansa)

ROME – "A pack". Thus Lorenzo Insigne's father would have called Carlo Ancellotti at the end of the nervous game lost with Arsenal. Match that led to the elimination (after the first 2-0 defeat of the first leg) of Napoli from the Europa League.

"A package" said Insigne's father talking about Ancelotti. But the conditional is a must. There is no proof of the words and they have only been reported by the local broadcaster "Radio Punto Zero". There is no certainty in the words but there is certainty of Insigne's bad temper who, after having missed an opportunity, was replaced by Ancelotti. Replacement, to be honest, that had already been scheduled.

Outside the field, Insigne, very dark in the face, said something to Ancelotti, then he kicked out a plastic bottle and finally stood by the bench to watch the game. Ancelotti at the press conference tried to temper the controversy: "He had nothing against me, he was sorry for the result and for the whistles". But these words, presumed, of the father remain.

The season of Ancelotti, on the other hand, presents positive but also negative sides. Far, far away from Juve, Napoli was eliminated also in the Champions League group round, certainly not easy with Liverpool and PSG, and yesterday by the Europa League. Here too it must be said that Napoli was not very lucky in the draw. More maybe Napoli could do in the Coppa Italia where he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Milan. Certainly, however, from here to define a "pack" a coach who can boast three Champions Cups on the bulletin board. Always if these words were really spoken by Insigne's father.

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