Ancelotti charges Napoli: “We are co-citizens that if we do not pass in the Champions …”

Ancelotti carica il Napoli: "Siamo co*lioni che se non passiamo in Champions..."

Ancelotti charges Napoli: "We are co-citizens that if we do not pass in the Champions …"

NAPLES – Napoli offers a unique opportunity tomorrow night: qualify with a turn in advance to the Champions League round of 16, eliminating one of the big favorites for the final victory and get out unscathed from the group of death. For this to happen, the Ancelotti team must beat the Red Star at San Paolo and at the same time that the PSG will not prevail in Paris over the vice champions of Liverpool. It is not probable, but it is possible.

Carlo Ancelotti, however, at least in words, does not think of an immediate favorable outcome. "I do not think tomorrow's with Red Star – he says – will be a decisive match. It will certainly be important, but not decisive. My feeling is that the qualification will be decided in the last round of the group ". The coach, however, is also sure of the strength and potential of his team and knows that the final goal can be achieved.

"At this point in the competition – he observes very frankly – if we do not pass the turn, we are balls. I believe that certainly many are surprised by the fact that we are competing with teams of the highest rank and level. Up to this point we were a surprise and we would be even more if we could not pass the turn ".

"The Red Star – says Ancelotti – until now has been underestimated due to the two heavy losses suffered on the road. But with Liverpool he deserved the victory and still keeps the qualification speech open. But this is not the classic taillight. I expect a very tidy team, very well organized especially in the defensive phase that will try to exploit the counter-attack. They have a very clear and defined identity. To beat them you will need to attack well and defend well. It will not be a game played in front of a single goal because they still have ambitions to qualify ".

"Our goal – the Neapolitan coach observes – is to pass the round, but the feeling I have is that tomorrow nothing is decided, also because the group is very balanced. Of course tomorrow's race is of fundamental importance. We are very well positioned in this group that seemed almost impossible. Now there is only the icing on the cake that I can put in the last two games ".

The last match against Chievo showed some flaws in the team's character. Ancelotti knows this well and indicates what his players will not have to do tomorrow night. "The spirit, the attitude – he says – should be the usual. We beat a lot on this button after the game with Chievo. It is of fundamental importance to have the right attitude in a not decisive but very important match to keep alive the hopes of passing this very difficult group. Intensity, attention and application is what we want to do and it will be of fundamental importance to implement it ".

"In short – says the coach – compared to Sunday with Chievo we must change the initial approach. We must not wait for the match to meet us, but we must do it with the intensity we want. We are able to do it, we have done it many times and we want to manage the race ". To win tomorrow, according to Ancelotti it does not take a particular recipe.

"Compared to the first leg – he concludes – they have changed a bit 'attitude, in recent races have played a little different. They are very compact, very well organized in defense. In the first leg we missed so many opportunities to finalize and that 'for a little' tomorrow we have to take off ".

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