Ancelotti attacks Fiorentina fans: “90 minutes of insults, a shame. I sent them to … home! ”VIDEO

Ancelotti insultato tifosi Fiorentina video youtube una vergogna

Carlo Ancelotti during Fiorentina-Napoli (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – “Florence is a difficult field, a hostile environment. After ninety minutes of insults I invited the people who made them to me to go home, which was now.
Receiving insults is not pleasant, unfortunately there are so many ignorant and sorry ".

This is how the coach of Napoli , Carlo Ancelotti, plays on Sky Sport. "The start of the game was difficult, we were a little late in pressing, but we were good at management. These are three important points. We took three goals, but we made four of them on the road. If we need an attacker? No, maybe a defender ".

As for the ambitions of the Neapolitans, the coach reiterates that "this team can win. He is strong and even in a bad start he showed great offensive qualities. The four have bothered us and we have to take this responsibility. We insist on what we are doing. In training the team gives me satisfaction like few others ".

Napoli striker Lorenzo Insigne spoke to Sky Sport in the post match of Fiorentina-Napoli (3-4) .

On the victory

I'm happy for the two goals, it was important to win it. We suffered a little, now in the week together with the Mister we will analyze the mistakes that I think have been many and we need to improve. It was the first game, we come from a very intense pre-season, but the important thing was to win and we succeeded.

Leaving that way was essential to give a signal to the championship

It was important because, it is true that it is only the first day, but winning helps to win. We know that Saturday will be a difficult game. We need to improve the defensive phase and move forward.

Do you like this growing Naples, Manolas, Elmas, as captain? Is there still something missing for you?

I like it, they have made the right purchases, whoever arrives or does not arrive does not depend on the players and the coach. Now we are close to closing the market, we need to stay calm, continue to do our job and go our own way.

Is this Napoli from the league this year?

Only the first day has passed, the championship is long, we like last year and the other years we will try because we do not lack anything, we must stay focused and file some details and in the end we will see (sources Sky Sport and Ansa).

The video from YouTube with the statements made by Carlo Ancelotti after Fiorentina-Napoli 3-4: "Ninety minutes of insults, it's a shame".

The Ancelotti article attacks Fiorentina fans: "90 minutes of insults, a shame. I sent them to … home! ”VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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