Ambush of the ultrà of Bari to Lecce fans: minibus in focus

Agguato tra tifosi del Bari e del Lecce nel foggiano: pulmino a fuoco video youtube

Ambush of the Ultrà of Bari to the fans of Lecce in the Foggia area (photo Ansa)

CERIGNOLA – Ambush of about 150 ultrà of Bari to Lecce fans shortly after noon on the Canosa – Naples highway, near the Cerignola toll booth.

As Corriere dello Sport writes, Bari supporters were heading to Castellammare di Stabia for the game against Cavese, valid for group C of Serie C, while those from Lecce were headed to the Olympic stadium in Rome to attend the match against the team of Fonseca scheduled at 18 and valid for Serie A.

Ambush of the ultrà of Bari to Lecce fans on the stretch of the A16 between Cerignola and Foggia.

The ultrà of Bari would have surrounded two minibuses on which about twenty Lecce fans traveled and would have attacked them with wooden clubs and bars. One of the two buses was set on fire while the other was badly damaged. Soon after, 118 rescue workers and traffic police officers arrived on site.

Immediate the statement of condemnation of the red and white company on its official website: "SSC Bari intends to express the firmest condemnation for what happened today on the motorway section that connects Puglia to Campania. Any form of violence is to be condemned in the most absolute way; they are episodes that have nothing to do with the values ​​that the red and white society and the city of Bari have always promoted and supported.

These episodes are to be condemned clearly and categorically. Those who have become the protagonists of such vile and violent actions have nothing to do with the civilization and sportiness of most of Bari's fans.

Waiting for the competent authorities to fully shed light on what actually happened, the company expresses all its solidarity with US Lecce and its fans, together with the best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to any wounded ".

Shortly afterwards, the Lecce press release was also released: "The US Lecce expresses its closeness to the Giallorossi fans, victims of a cowardly ambush, which took place in the late morning, on the way to reach the capital and attend the Rome- Lecce. …

At a time when the country is experiencing a historic health emergency, it is noted with dismay that there are individuals who prefer to focus on criminal actions, to the detriment of other people, targeting everyone indiscriminately. The US Lecce, in strongly condemning any form of violence, places the utmost trust in the work of the competent Authorities, pending full clarity on what has happened ".

Ghirelli, number one in Serie C, also spoke on the subject. His statements are reported by in an article signed by Marco Errico: “I am horrified. These acts offend football and those who love football. Make sure those responsible: were those who occupied the buses known?

The clubs get names from law enforcement and the owners of the transportation company that rented the vehicles. Let's talk and report who was on the buses to distance themselves from the offenders. The clubs apply the institution of approval and no longer allow to stain the shirt and symbols of glorious clubs. No excuse will be tolerated. " (source and, YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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