Altobelli against Spalletti: “Icardi is a heritage of Inter, he was wrong”

Altobelli contro Spalletti: "Icardi è un patrimonio dell'Inter, ha sbagliato"

Altobelli against Spalletti: "Icardi is a heritage of Inter, it was wrong" (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Alessandro Altobelli, a former Inter striker, spoke on Radio Sportiva's microphones to talk about the time of the Nerazzurri who have come from a great victory against Genoa in the championship. Match that saw the return with goals from Mauro Icardi . The Argentinian striker scored on penalties, forced Genoa to the expulsion and served an assist to the kiss for Ivan Perisic.

Altobelli attacks Spalletti: "Icardi is a heritage of Inter must be protected".

Alessandro Altobelli's statements on Radio Sportiva's microphones: “I believe that Icardi yesterday proved to be one of the strongest strikers in the world: goals, goal, assists, a penalty in a not easy situation. I wouldn't change it with anyone, even if he made bad choices, like not going to Vienna "" It was badly recommended. He should have shown he loved Inter even without a band: this was a huge mistake.

"Everyone was wrong: society, Icardi and Spalletti. Everyone takes their responsibilities. But I go further: I don't care if two or three players don't get along. Icardi's future? If I have a great player I try to keep him, unless he really has to give it away. "

"Spalletti has a blatant fault in having said that Icardi is not Messi or Ronaldo. It is a heritage of Inter, it must be protected. I didn't expect it from an experienced technician and an intelligent man like Spalletti. Then he corrected himself and made a bad impression. Whether to confirm it? Last year he brought Inter back into the Champions League after 7 years, so hats off.

"This year, however, he had 8 points behind Juventus after the third day: and he had to be his most direct rival. She left the Champions League for not winning a home game against Psv Eindhoven. She left the Europa League from the Italian Cup. The judgment is up to the company, but it doesn't seem very difficult to me ”.

The Altobelli article against Spalletti: "Icardi is a heritage of Inter, it was wrong" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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