Alphonso Davies, the shot is impressive: he is the fastest player in the Bundesliga

BREMEN (GERMANY) – Bayern Munich won 1 to 0 in Bremen , with goals from the usual Lewandowski , and won their thirtieth championship (the eighth in a row), but yesterday we talked mainly about Alphonso Davies.

In fact, the Bayern baby phenomenon, which was also expelled during the match, set an "alien" record.

In the course of one shot, it reached the monstrous speed of 36.51 km / h. No other player had ever made it to Germany.

Alphonso Davies is just 19 years old but is already among the strongest players in Europe. This year he scored 3 goals but served 9 assists to the delight of Lewandowski and co.

These data are really important because Davies is not a striker, on the contrary he was born full back even though he is now mainly employed as a winger.

Returning to the Scudetto, Frank Ribery also congratulated the Bayern Munich players, who yesterday in Bremen won the mathematical certainty of the eighth consecutive title of German champions.

The former Bavarian, now in Fiorentina, on his Twitter account turned in particular to the Austrian David Alaba and Thomas Mueller, who in terms of German titles rose to nine, just like the French.

“Welcome to the club of the nine times champions, but now I am enough. Nobody needs 10 Bundesliga titles, ”Ribery wrote.

The incredible story of Alphonso Davies, from the refugee camp to Bayern.

From the refugee camp in Ghana where he was born in 2000 after his parents had fled to save themselves from the war in Liberia at the Bundesliga.

Vancouver-born Whitecaps 'teenage prodigy', 17-year-old Canadian naturalist Alphonso Davies, was bought by Bayern Munich.

The boy was paid € 18.5 million, a record figure (also confirmed by the Whitecaps) as Bayern had never paid so much for an underage footballer.

Davies, who made his debut with the Canadian national team at the age of 16, is an attacking outsider who can play both on the left (natural role) and on the right (being left-handed he can centralize and shoot).

He arrived in Germany in January of that same year after turning 18 and after finishing the championship in Vancouver.

Below is a video from YouTube that highlights the sprinter qualities of Alphonso Davies (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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