Allegri-Ten Haag, dispute after Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in Juventus-Ajax

Allegri-Ten Haag, lite dopo il gol di Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus-Ajax

Allegri-Ten Haag, quarrel after Cristiano Ronaldo's goal in Juventus-Ajax.

TURIN – Massive thesis between Massimiliano Allegri and Erik ten Hag during the first half between Juventus-Ajax. It all started after Cristiano Ronaldo's goal. Erik ten Hag started to protest as a maniac for an alleged foul against Veltman. He was joined by all the Ajax players who started encircling referee Clement Turpin.

Allegri-Ten Haag, sparks after Cristiano Ronaldo's goal.

According to Erik ten Hag, Veltman had been laid down by Leonardo Bonucci and Cristiano Ronaldo, who according to him had broken up unevenly. Urged by these protests, after a non-illuminating dialogue with the room of the var, the French referee Clement Turpin decided to go and see the episode on the monitor of the var placed on the sideline.

After displaying the var, the referee Clement Turpin realized the regularity of Juventus' goal. Cristiano Ronaldo was unmarked by a clumsy battle between teammates. The Ajax de Ligt captain, in the impetus of the action, went to push his teammate Veltman and with this nonsense he freed Cristiano Ronaldo who had no problem bagging his head in two steps.

Massimiliano Allegri had immediately noticed the contrast between the two Ajax players and then he was literally enraged before the protests of his Ajax colleague. Allegri-Ten Haag did not reach the hands but continued to attack from a distance during the entire first half which ended at 50 minutes after five minutes of recovery due to game interruptions caused by the intervention of var.

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