Allegri sbrocca after expulsion Bentancur with Atalanta. Furious with … De Laurentiis

Allegri sbrocca dopo espulsione Bentancur con Atalanta. Furioso con...De Laurentiis

Allegri sbrocca after expulsion Bentancur with Atalanta. Furious with … De Laurentiis

BERGAMO – "I lost patience. I turn around the boxes, I'm not in a good mood ". The draw in Bergamo does not go down to Massimiliano Allegri, angry for the 2-2 and the red at Bentancur . "I do not talk about the referees. Banti has done well, but things happen … – added the Juventus coach -. There are heavy declarations by company managers to arbitrators, moralizers are made and then it is done. So I get angry too, it's not good. I am embittered … In Italy it will never be much better in spite of certain beautiful words ".

"I'm not in a good mood and the boxes turn around a bit. Why am I angry? I never talk about the referees, Banti finally refereed well – Allegri still says to Sky – but then at the end of the race we talk a lot towards the referees also from presidents of other teams. Sorry, because things happen outside the field, there is a lot of talk about behavior. There are heavy declarations of those responsible for some companies against the referees, so I think I can get angry too. I am a little bit disappointed, in Italy we can not do that, we will never learn ".

Allegri does nothing to hide the priprio nuisance, which seems more for certain statements made by presidents (see Aurelio De Laurentiis) in recent days than for the result (2-2) today in Bergamo. "It's not nice, elegant, make certain statements – says the Juventus coach -. We must educate the fans. If I spoke, now, a little house would happen. In Italy you never learn. Then when there are accidents, we complain if they put children in the middle, and if the fans do not come to the stadium anymore ".

Then a few jokes about the match: "the team made a good first half, they scored a goal on the only occasion they had – explains Allegri -. We knew the match would be difficult, but we could also double after 0-1. In the second half we went out of number, we recovered and we could even win. In the end it's a good point against a great team. We wanted to win this race, now under with the challenge against Sampdoria. Training? Without Pjanic I preferred to play Bonucci. Emre Can had a good game in front of the defense, as Khedira returned. Sorry, because we wanted to win this too and we did not succeed ".

What De Laurentiis had said

"Mazzoleni for the match against Inter? It worries me, with us it has been bad and also not always impartial ". The president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis told Radio Kiss Kiss commenting on the designation for the match in Milan on 26 December. "Give me – added the patron blue – bad news. I recommend, the VAR has been included to protect investments, I did not imagine it could be a further tool in the hands of the referees ".

The outburst of Allegri after Atalanta-Juventus

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