Allegri, outburst after Atletico-Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo very nervous

Allegri, sfuriata dopo Atletico-Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo nervosissimo

Allegri, outburst after Atletico-Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo very nervous ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

TURIN – Nerves in the Juventus home because the real goal of the season, the conquest of the Champions League, is likely to fade sooner than expected. The bianconeri want to dispel the European curse and for this reason they have made market madness by purchasing Cristiano Ronaldo at a weight of gold. The project to win the Champions League is about to fail in the knockout stages and this is considered unacceptable by the Juventus top management. In case of elimination against Atletico Madrid, next summer there could be an authentic revolution.

Cheerful outburst post Atletico, his bench trembles

The first head that would jump, would be that of Allegri. Then many other players would be placed at the door and most likely would be asked for directions to Cristiano Ronaldo to build the team next year. Already Ronaldo, the footballer who appeared more nervous after the Madrid fiasco. Ronaldo, who is not used to being beaten by Atletico Madrid since he was always beating with Real as he scored and decisive result as in the two Champions League raised by blancos against his less famous cousins.

The day after the debacle in Madrid, Allegri was the protagonist of an outburst to the team that was harshly criticized for its attitude and to be gone from the race in the second half. For the rest, head down and work. Starting from the Bologna championship trip. Now Juventus can no longer make mistakes and injuries can not be an alibi for a rose that has been set up to the tune of millions of euros.

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