Allegri after Juventus-Ajax: “I decided to stay, I told Agnelli”

Allegri dopo Juventus-Ajax: "Ho deciso di restare, l'ho comunicato ad Agnelli"

Allegri after Juventus-Ajax: "I decided to stay, I told Agnelli". Photo EPA / JOSE MANUEL VIDAL

TURIN – After being eliminated from the Champions League , Allegri went to Sky Sport to comment on Juventus-Ajax. The technician recognized the superiority of the opponents, complained about the many injuries that limited Juventus's European path and announced his decision to stay at Juventus again next year.

Allegri after Juventus-Ajax: "I had already decided to stay again next year".

Massimiliano Allegri's statements to Sky Sport in the Juventus-Ajax 1-2 match post. "In the second half, Ajax deserved the qualification. In the first half we played well. In the first half we paid the frenzy in the last pass. Football is bestial because we have conceded a fortuitous goal and fear has taken over. In the second half we would have had to play a different game because we fell apart and we gave ourselves up to them.

It is normal that when you arrive at this time of the season, with so many games on your legs, everyone is comfortable. They are games that are played on the physical condition and on the changes. Khedira, Douglas Costa and Cuadrado have often been out. Chiellini out is a serious loss. We paid a lot physically. The second half of today is unfortunately the demonstration.

The game was in their hands. They are a very strong team, in recent years they played a Europa League final and this year they eliminated the current European champions of Real Madrid.

I agree with President Agnelli, this Juventus has a great future. In the coming days we will meet with president Agnelli and decide what to do. We came out deservedly but we didn't play a bad game. To Agnelli I communicated my decision, or that I would remain. However we will meet in the coming days and we will talk better about the future ”.

The Allegri article after Juventus-Ajax: "I decided to stay, I communicated it to Agnelli" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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