Alex Zanardi, Valentini (para-cycling coach): “He embarked, he didn’t miss the truck”

ROME – Mario Valentini , technical commissioner of the national Paracycling team, talks about the accident to Alex Zanardi that took place yesterday, Friday 19 June, near Pienza (Siena).

“There is a long straight, slightly downhill – he says to Radio Capital -. They say that Alex has embarked ("overturned", ed) and has taken a trailer truck on the front pillar.

The vehicle moved one meter, but took it the same. It was a sunny day, we were all happy, 20 kilometers from Montalcino. The truck was not wrong. "

“There is a long straight downhill at 4%, they say he boarded and took a trailer truck on the front pillar.

The trailer truck moved one meter but took it the same. I wasn't there, I was detached. It was a sunny day, all happy, we were 20 km from Montalcino, everyone was waiting for us …

He did not make a mistake on the trailer truck, he made a mistake on Alex , he embarked ”.

Yesterday morning, says Valentini, Zanardi, Alex Zanardi “he was happy, as always. On the way up I showed him the orange drink, he yelled at me a little!

He was joking, and going downhill, it was not a great descent … and then there was the straight … at the entrance of the curve he changed his trajectory.

And he made a risky move. He took the post where the drivers climb with the lever of the left crank, he turned two three times, the helmet did not stand up, he jumped.

It took to get the helicopter, we are in the middle of a forest and they had to move it.

Twenty minutes passed from the accident to the rescue, but it took a long time to put it on, his wife assisted him. But after the accident he spoke. I don't know about the ambulance. " (source AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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