Alex Zanardi, two bulletins announced: the first one expected at 10:30 am

ROME – There will be two health bulletins scheduled today to learn about Alex Zanardi's conditions.

The first of the appointments will be at ten thirty, and the neurosurgeon Giuseppe Olivieri who operated on him yesterday will speak.

Two hours later, around 12:30 it will be the turn of the head of the intensive care unit Sabino Scolletta ward where Zanardi was hospitalized after the surgery.

Alex Zanardi, stable conditions in the night

There is much anticipation to know the conditions of Alex Zanardi, operated yesterday evening by neurosurgeons of the Sienese polyclinic.

Last night his conditions remained stable but as was already highlighted last night after the three hours of surgery, his conditions are very serious.

The hopes of the family, his wife Daniela who was following the event, his son Niccolò and the many people who follow this story, even on social networks, rely on the strong fiber of this character who has worked hard to enhance people with motor problems using sport.

The prosecutor of Siena has opened a file on the accident.

“We hope that we can recover – commented the mayor of Siena Luigi De Mossi – the displeasure of citizenship is a lot, we express solidarity with the family.

The only thing I can say is that this hospital is an excellence and therefore it has certainly been treated and assisted in the best possible way ". (source AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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