Alex Zanardi operated for the third time: surgery for craniofacial reconstruction

New operation for Alex Zanardi, the third for the Paralympic champion victim of an accident with the handbike which occurred on 19 June last.

The health management of the Policlinico Santa Maria alle Scotte di Siena, where Zanardi is being treated, gave the news.

The athlete "underwent a new surgery, performed by maxillofacial and neurosurgery professionals".

The operation is aimed "at the craniofacial reconstruction and stabilization of the areas affected by the trauma reported following the accident". The other two interventions instead concerned the brain.

"The operation carried out – the doctors specify – is part of the interventions planned by the multidisciplinary team that takes care of the athlete to allow any continuation of the therapeutic path".

Paolo Gennaro , director of the Maxillofacial Surgery department explains that "the fractures were complex".

"This – he adds – required careful programming that made use of computerized, digital and three-dimensional technologies, made to measure for the patient".

"The complexity of the case was rather singular." Although, concludes Professor Gennaro, "it is a type of fracture that we face in our center in a routine way".

Alex Zanardi, another 5 hours in the operating room

After the operation, which lasted about 5 hours, Alex Zanardi was again hospitalized in the intensive care unit where he "remains sedated and mechanically ventilated".

"His condition remains stable from the cardio-respiratory and metabolic point of view, serious from the neurological point of view, the prognosis remains confidential", says the structure.

The patient is evaluated daily by the professionals who treat him. Based on this, also in agreement with the Zanardi family, the polyclinic communicates that the next bulletin will be issued as soon as there are significant changes in the clinical picture.

Now, after the first two emergency interventions and that of reconstruction, we are thinking of a possible awakening from a coma.

The awakening will be indispensable to evaluate any neurological damage. The drug coma could be stopped as early as next week. (Source: Adnkronos ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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