Alex Zanardi, Manuel Bortuzzo: “He will recover his life with the same hunger as before”

ROME – “ Alex Zanardi will recover his life with the same hunger as before, or more, if the physique allows it. Because he is like this. "

Word of Manuel Bortuzzo , the Treviso swimmer who was paralyzed by three shots of the caliber 38 in the back in Rome.

“How do you start again after the great tragedies? Da vivi – underlines the 21-year-old in an interview with La Repubblica – that is, by lucky people, as Alex always says.

And I agree: those who go through tragedies like ours always seek the opportunity inside.

Yes, it seems an oxymoron to talk about luck, indeed they take us a little crazy, but the truth is that we are blessed to be here.

When you risk having nothing more, what you have becomes everything gained, a gift, other possibilities and beauty.

Hoping that everything goes the right way, Alex will have everything to regain again, once again. "

When Bortuzzo had the accident, “ Alex Zanardi sent me a message. I am there, he wrote to me, giving me encouragement and strength.

He said he would like to meet me privately, with no fuss and no cameras, just to have a chat and be with me.

Then unfortunately we did not succeed, but I wait for him.

The curious fact is that I see it every day: there is a gigantic mural with its face in the roundabout where I always pass close to home in Rome.

It's beautiful, and every day I see a great man. " (source AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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