Alessio Riccardi-Juventus, furious Roma fans: “We are their branch”

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Alessio Riccardi in a photo posted on his Instagram profile

ROME – The transfer market negotiation between Roma and Juventus to bring Rugani to the capital and Riccardi plus Celar to Turin is infuriating the Giallorossi fans who are expressing their discontent both on social networks and Roman radio. The problem is not Rugani, who remains a good defender, but the way in which Roma is taking him. The Roma club is sacrificing Riccardi, which is the phenomenon of the youth sector so much that it has already been summoned to the National "A" by Roberto Mancini for an internship, and Celar, the team's top scorer in the last Primavera championship, two young men with a confident future.

The Corriere dello Sport, in its online edition, summarized the anger of the Roma fans by collating their comments posted on social networks.

"Luca Pellegrini could have been there, but Riccardi would be too much. Rome must not be the Juventus branch "" Not only would we be delighting Juventus by taking a player who has become an excess, but will we also give him two young talents who will have a certain future? Petrachi, stop while you're on time. " "Rome hurts to do this just thinking about it. Nemmenso Sassuolo would have gone that far to settle accounts and make capital gains ".

"Okay, the future of these two young people could also be an unknown, but this operation should not be done especially to remain masters of one's own destiny, not to be slaves of a team that in Italy can do as it wishes. Rome must remain Rome, not Juventus team B. In Turin they are making big laughs, they make fun of us for what we are doing with our boys ”.

"If I sacrifice two talents to get Davids or Dybala I can stay. I wouldn't do it even for those but I can also stay there. You sacrifice them for me to take a half-player like Rugani who in just four years has only been a bench and a grandstand. We are at the acconaggio ”(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

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