Alessandro Del Piero returns home after hospitalization: “I’m fine”

LOS ANGELES – Alessandro Del Piero is better after hospitalization for a rather painful renal colic .

The former Juventus captain wanted to reassure all his fans with a video message on Instagram:

“I wanted to thank everyone who wrote to me and worried about how I was – Del Piero's words – thank you very much for your support, I'm fine, I'm already at home and I was very pleased to let you know. I send you a hug. "

Only yesterday, May 18, the former number ten explained: "I still don't believe how a small thing only 3mm can do so badly".

Hundreds of messages of support from his fans.

These also include the VIPs of his friend Max Biaggi: “Everything passes, Alex. Power. Heal quickly, my friend. "

Juventus herself wished her ex captain a speedy recovery: "Best wishes for a speedy recovery, get well soon".

A few days ago, on May 13, Del Piero had sent a message exactly eight years after his farewell to Juventus: "May 13, 2012, 'Juve is for me the love of a whole life, a reason for joy and pride, but also of disappointment and frustration, however strong emotions, as a true and infinite love story can give (Avvocato Gianni Agnelli) '". (source Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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