Alessandro Del Piero hospitalized for kidney stones

ROME – Alessandro Del Piero was hospitalized for kidney stones .

The former Juventus captain, after a strong renal colic, is well and is in Los Angeles.

In a message on Instagram he described what his conditions are: "I still don't believe how a small thing only 3mm can do so badly" he wrote accompanying a photo that immortalizes him with rigorous anti-Covid mask and 'upset' hair on a bed in the UCLA Emergency Department in Los Angeles.

Some of the historic fans of the former number ten, had feared that Del Piero had also been infected by the coronavirus, but the former Juventus captain specified that the cause of his hospitalization has nothing to do with the virus.

From Max Biaggi to Luis Figo, many sportsmen have written to Del Piero.

“Everything passes, Alex. Come on ", Biaggi's words; "Heal quickly, my friend", the wish of the former star of the Lusitanian national team.

Among the messages addressed to the former world champion also that of Juventus who immediately wanted to express his closeness to the former captain: "Best wishes for a speedy recovery, get weel soon".

"Come on captain", "we are count", "recover soon", "you are always the strongest" the messages instead to Del Piero from his supporters. (source LA STAMPA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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