Al Wehda exempts Mido, insulted a fan on Twitter: he risks whipping

Al Wehda esonera Mido, ha insultato un tifoso su Twitter

Al Wehda exempts Mido, insulted a fan on Twitter

ROME – Mido Hossam Ahmed , a former footballer among others from Rome, Tottenham and Ajax, was exonerated by Al Wehda, a Saudi Arabian club, for insulting a fan on Twitter. The fan had requested his resignation after the heavy defeat against Al-Nassr (0-4). At that point Mido answered him with a very heavy insult. In Saudi Arabia it is a crime to publicly insult another man, in these cases you risk whipping. Unavoidable exemption from his club.

Al Wehda, that's why he exonerated the former Roma Mido player

The reasons for this exemption were explained by the same Al Wehda company with the following words: "Mido was not sent away for tactical reasons, but for a tweet he published on his official account – the words of the vice president of the club Abdallah Khokair -. We hope your account has been hacked, tactically his work has been crucial. "

Immediately after the exemption, Mido let his company know he had not insulted the fan. Or rather, the insult was published right from his official Twitter profile but, according to what Mido said, he wouldn't have written it. According to Mido, his Twitter profile would have been hacked. If Mido wants his bench back, he will have to prove it. Here are the words of the former Roma player: "I respect the club's decision, but my account has been violated and I will use all the legal tools to prove it".

The Al Wehda article exempts Mido, insulted a fan on Twitter: he risks whipping seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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