AIAC against the Order of Journalists: “Conte must not apologize, Italo Cucci has made a mistake”

AIAC contro Ordine dei Giornalisti: "Conte non deve scusarsi, Italo Cucci ha sbagliato"

AIAC took the field alongside Antonio Conte (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Corriere dello Sport, in the column edited by Italo Cucci, has published the letter of a fan who attacked Antonio Conte giving him out of stock. In response to this choice by the Corriere dello Sport, Inter canceled the press conference of the Lecce coach. After this decision by the Nerazzurri club, the Order of Journalists issued a press release asking for an apology from Inter and Conte. For now, the Nerazzurri have not responded but the AIAC (Italian Football Coaches Association) has thought about it. According to the AIAC, Antonio Conte must not apologize to anyone because Italo Cucci was wrong to publish an offensive letter against him.

The AIAC press release. “We are not pleased to write this press release: for the respect we have for Ussi and for the path we have made and that we want to continue doing together.
However, we forced ourselves and we must take sides not because Conte is a coach, but out of a sense of justice.

The email of a sportsman published by Corriere dello Sport is offensive and "the highly respected information professional, master of many" (judgment that I agree), on the occasion he was wrong. Because he was not obliged to publish it (on the contrary) and he was not even obliged to share it: "to his wickedness I add mine".

And in my opinion, all those who have not distanced themselves are wrong. I would like to take up the aforementioned article 21 of the Constitution: "everyone has the right to freely express his or her thoughts with words, writing and any other means of dissemination".

I think that also applies to Conte who ("by any other means", canceling the press conference) wanted to express his thoughts. We cannot share the idea that those who offend, then, without making a minimum reference to the offense made, take the right to evaluate the extent of the response of the offended person. And in addition, and perhaps on this occasion I think we can speak of arrogance, also want to choose the time for an apology (within the post-game).

Instead, I share the thought that respect for others is the basis of civil life, however I think that the idea that if you want respect first, you must respect it as well.

With the USSI's statement, inadvertently, in the end we get to support the thesis that "I can write that you are an exhausted man, you have to keep quiet and pretend nothing is going on". If this thesis passes, it is not Article 21 that jumps, but the ideal and moral values ​​to which our Constitution is inspired.

We believe that Conte should not apologize, at least in the times that Ussi would like to impose. If anything, we believe that if a way of meeting were found in a few days, this would be the most desirable solution. Without disturbing the Federal Prosecutor's Office ”.

Renzo Ulivieri, President of AIAC.

The AIAC article against the Order of Journalists: "Conte must not apologize, Italo Cucci has made a mistake" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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