Aia replies to Commisso: “We are disgusted”. The patron violates: “I’m not the fool from America”

Aia risponde a Commisso: "Siamo disgustati". Il patron viola: "Non sono lo scemo dall'America"

Rocco Commisso continues his controversy with The Hague: "They treat me like the idiot from America …" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Nicchi, president of the Hague, said he was disgusted by the sentences of Rocco Commisso on the referees. His statements on the sidelines of the ceremony for the assignment of the Golden Bench in Coverciano: “I found a nice atmosphere today. Commisso? I did not see it. I have nothing to say and we don't have to add anything else. I'm just saying that Italian referees are, to use a term of those who used it, disgusted by this behavior ".

Commisso doesn't fit: “Aia? They treat me like the fool from America … ".

Here is what Commisso said after Juventus-Fiorentina, a game won by the bianconeri also thanks to two penalties transformed by Cristiano Ronaldo: “I believe – he said – that a team that has 350 million hires does not need the referees, Juve is very strong , let the game win on the field, not for the gifts that the referees grant.

It's not fair for Italian football, these races go all over the world, when they see these junkies what do they think? I am disgusted. The matches in Italy are decided by the referees, you can't go on like this ”.

Today the patron viola has returned to yesterday's sentences. To the microphones of the Rai Toscana TGR, Commisso then said: “There is still anger because nobody has yet apologized to us, neither Nedved nor anyone else.

If it had been just an accident, I would have been silent but since there are three episodes I have to talk. Against Genoa and Inter there were penalties for us, why didn't they go to the VAR then ? If Bentancur had been given a yellow card for simulation, he would have been expelled.

Juve has very high revenues but they pay as much as we do to the Federation and we must be treated in the same way. Nedved can't stand against me: he didn't have to talk like that, he was disrespectful. I ask respect for the League for the good of Italian football, I don't ask favors because I don't need them, but I don't want them to treat me like the fool from America "(sources La Gazzetta dello Sport and Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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