Agnelli: “Report? Juve has nothing to do with the bagarini. Uniforms? In our stadium we expose what we want “

Agnelli: "Report? Juve has nothing to do with the bagarini Scudetti? In our stadium we show what we want"

Agnelli: "Report? Juve has nothing to do with the bagarini. Uniforms? In our stadium we expose what we want "(Ansa)

TURIN – Juventus go on to counterattack. "We can not accept that someone thinks of associating us with phenomena of bagarinaggio. Our company has been sanctioned only for having sold tickets in a higher number than allowed by the Pisanu law. And today in the sale of the tickets respects the rules to the letter ", sbotta Andrea Agnelli. The thorny theme of the relationship between football and ultra is the prelude to the shareholders' meeting, called to approve the financial statements and the composition of the new board with 9 directors.

Three days after the broadcast of 'Report' the Juventus president opens the meeting facing the issue head on, which will then return to the press conference. "We try to make a show by opening an interception that is already on file", accusation speaking of the telephone conversation between the Juventus security manager and one of the leaders of the ultrà Juventus, Raffaello Bucci, then died suicidal. For Juventus, the investigation of relations with the ultrà and the bagarinaggio "was a painful affair, with a pain sharpened by the death of Bucci. This is why we prefer silence while we are investigating ", says Agnelli.

On the tragic end of the head ultrà, suicide by a viaduct of the Turin-Savona motorway, the Cuneo prosecutor has reopened the investigation. Agnelli defends the security manager with a sword: "He does his job impeccably, we are proud to have him with us". And, in the case of the 'rogue banners', which were joking about the Grande Torino tragedy at Superga, exposed in the bianconeri curve in the 2014 derby, "it has been shown that D'Angelo has not helped to introduce them in the corners. The managers – says the Juventus president – have been identified thanks to the technology of our stadium and have been brought to justice ".

There is another delicate story, that of Ronaldo accused of an alleged rape in 2009: "I'm used to looking people in the eye, when there are complicated issues, – emphasizes Agnelli – and Cristiano are very serene. His is a personal story, but if he wants to, we are ready to give him all the help we can, as we do with everyone when there is need and we have the conviction that they have behaved correctly ". CR7 makes the revenues fly even more.

"The goal is to consolidate Juventus also as an economic power", recalled Agnelli. The approved budget is in the red for 19.2 million and the next year will affect the arrival of Ronaldo, "but you can do without" a capital increase: "We have – explains the Juventus president – a net financial position of 310 million; we know that the impact of the transfer campaign will be about 160 million, but we have very large bank credit lines, with lines of over 500 million in the medium to long term ".

Andrea Agnelli has also said his accusation against Juventus to expose the badges revoked for the facts of Calciopoli in their stadium: "Juventus respects the judgments – he said – In 2006-07 he played in B, he also won there. Then it is clear that in the stadium, my living room, I display the photos that I like the most ".

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